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Rider Tags are 70 x 14 mm in size, and come in sheets of 6, 12 or 20 pcs. Any questions? Please check out the FAQ
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Drone stickers

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These drone stickers make it easy to put a message, I.D or phone-number on your drone and gear.

Personalize custom done stickers that you can add your name, social media icon or flag to in black, white and transparent quality vinyl. Weatherproof and a perfect way to always keep track off your drones and batteries.

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Customize your Name & flag stickers and ID-tags fast

Customize Your Ride with Our Name & Flag Stickers and ID-Tags. Elevate your biking gear with personalized decals from Rider Tags. Whether you're marking your bike, helmet, or accessories, our high-quality decals combine your unique identity with your choice of social media icons or country flags. Our decals aren't just about looks. They're crafted to endure the toughest conditions, with a lifespan of up to 7 years, scratch and UV resistance, and an overlaminate finish as standard. Choose from various options: a single pack with two decals for a subtle touch or a fully stacked sheet for maximum impact.

Our decals are more than just a product; they're a statement of your passion for riding. Each decal is a reflection of our commitment to quality and your love for the sport. Whether you're cruising the city streets or tackling rugged trails, our decals ensure your ride stands out in style and substance. Explore our range and find the perfect match to express your unique riding persona.

Worldwide graphics

Shipped to 42 countries

With over 5 years in the business, we've proudly delivered custom rider graphics and decals to enthusiasts across 42 countries. Trust in our expertise to bring your personalized name and flag stickers to life. Our user-friendly editor makes design quick and simple, allowing you to select materials, finishes, and order as few as two decals – no excess, just what you need. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden? Enjoy the convenience of local pickup at our studio. We're always here for your special requests and feedback. Here's to many more happy rides!"

Name tags with in-house production

Rider Tags: Swedish Excellence in Sports Graphics

For over five years, Rider Tags has been at the forefront of the motorsport industry, producing top-quality graphics. Our experience with licensed graphics for major brands, combined with our global reach in over 40 countries, underlines our expertise in delivering outstanding products. We stand firmly behind every custom name and flag sticker we create.

Our commitment extends to environmental stewardship. We advocate for minimal production, allowing you to purchase just what you need, reducing waste and resource use. This ethos is mirrored across all our brands, ensuring a sustainable approach to your motorsport needs.

Our decals aren't just versatile; they're tailored for you. Whether it's for bikes, helmets, rackets, or even clothing, our decals come in various sizes, materials, and finishes. Select the perfect match for your gear with our easy-to-use editor – including a special option for clothing labels.

Proudly local, our Swedish studio produces all decals in-house, ensuring quality and personalization. For our Gothenburg customers, we offer the convenience of local pickup, complete with a complimentary espresso! Above all, we value your safety and passion for riding. Stay safe and keep enjoying the ride with Rider Tags."


What are Rider Tags?

Rider tags are made for displaying your name and flag on decals for use on rider equipment and can be used for racing, competition or just to customize your style.

Custom name and number, name and flasg decals or rider i.d, there are many names for the stickers made but we prefer Rider Tags!

How long does it take to receive my order?

We print and produce everything in-house here in Gothenburg, Sweden and our normal production time is 2-3 days so you can get your decals fast!

How many decals are included in a pack?

At you can order individual stickers and for easy of use we have packaged them in a minimum set of 2 pieces so you only need to buy what you need.

We do offer larger discounted quantities and there is no real limit to how many you can order depending on your needs!

Do you have transparent stickers?

We do! All our decals and rider id tags comes with the optional transparent vinyl for when you want to hightlight the paintjob or curent background color you already have.

Can I upload your own icons and symbols?

You're free to reach out to us and we will happily customize with your own specific icon, symbol or logotype. Just make sure to make an order note. Please note that this will add to our regular production time since we will send you a digital mockup first for approval.

Where is my order?

We offer multiple quick and easy logitistics partners att checkout but no matter which courier you choose you will recieve a tracking id when it ships out from you (just make sure your email is correct).

Can I change the size of my rider tag?

We're glad to help with any customizations and can help with smaller color or size changes - either email us in the notes if it is a small change or make an enquiry before placing your order to guarantee we can produce it as per your request.

Can I pick up my order locally?

Absolutely! We have a local pickup setup in our studio in Gothenburg, Sweden so if you are nearby just choose the local pickup option in the checkout and swing by and say hi!

What are Rider Tags made of?

Our tags and decals are crafted from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring they withstand various weather conditions and remain visible.

How do I attach RiderTags to my gear?

Attaching your tag is easy! Make sure the area is clean (we recommend isopropyl alcohol since this does not leave residue) and if possible apply in indoor warmth or at least not in the cold to give the adhesive proper time to adhere.

What are the shipping options and times?

We offer both standard and expedited shipping. Check our shipping policy for detailed information.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! For international shipping details, including costs and customs, visit our shipping policy.

More questions? No problems, just contact us here!